Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Well, I was feeling all overwhelmed to write out this post, because Christmas is such a BIG event, but then I uploaded all 10 (OK, OK, like 30) of the pictures we managed to snap and felt a little better (because it's more manageable) but also a lot worse ('cause that's all we have!!).  So, what I lack in pictures, I'll tell in stories.  For memories sake. 

Cough, cough.
Sporting that Christmas spirit ;)
Lorin, Brooks, Jana & Lachlan, Deanna & Laney
Some say he is a wise man...
There is no room at the in.
Still looking for a place to stay.  That'll do lil' donkey.
Angels we have heard on high
Trying to look smart??
The true meaning of Christmas.
Hap, hap, happy!
This is so fun!
These two stole the show!
Oh no you didn't

This was my 2nd Christmas away from home and up to Boise.  Anyone who's had to spend Christmas away, knows it's a hard call.  Dave becomes another person entirely--excited, excited, excited to be running around with his pack of brothers, playing games, and being bossy of all things!  I have a pretty good time, but truthfully, it is a struggle.  I hesitate to write this out because I'd hate for the fam to get the wrong idea.  My in-laws are fun down to the core.  We stayed with Holly and Bryce, who are faves--they really made us feel right at home--making their two boys sleep in their room so we'd have some space!  Most nights in Boise we stayed up late, talking and laughing.  But here's the nitty-gritty of it.  Jude had an awful cold the whole time we were there.  So, I spent the holidays in someone else's house with a sick toddler.  Now do you see why I struggled?  A sick toddler who still champed it out and stayed out 'til 10 most nights.  Who coughed through most of his sleep.  I'd pick him up out of his pack n' play and bring him to our bed, and he'd curl up on me and be fast asleep.  Secretly, this was my most favorite part.  I miss cuddling with my sleepy Jude and will take any chance  I get (ahem, as long as I don't have to work the next day). 

Christmas Eve consisted of a clogging routine (soooo hilarious AND amazing) by my bro-in-law Bryce, and my sis-in-law Robyn.  Then the kids told the story of Jesus, we had a BIG feast, opened presents, and then the adults played Rook...(not me though--you could find me chasing Jude all around a big, dark, empty church). 

Christmas morn' Jude made us happy and opened his gifts, but was quickly back down for a nap.  His favorites included: The Busy Tree book (lovvvvves this), Teddy Graham crackers, candy canes, and Carson's new Hot Wheel track.

Christmas night, after more games, we headed back to Holly's and I needed a break.  So, the girls went and saw Mission Impossible 4 and the boys played more games (how did you guess??).  That movie and girl time did wonders for my soul, and I came back that night with a smile in my heart. 

Until next time, Boise.  
Christmas 2013??? ;)


  1. sweet post! glad you're back. the DD lift is legit, for sure!

  2. yay! the perfect pictures. it gives me a glimpse as to what all this boise stuff looks like. Poor J bear looks so miserable!

  3. p.s. love the little ripper jeans!

  4. i hear ya on traveling for Christmas. We go to Seattle every year and I love it..i love seeing sam's family because we see mine all the time. But it's hard, and there is usually little to no sleep involved and you're out of your element...and there is more packing and planning.
    But I'm sure your hubby's family appreciates it :)

  5. Honestly, there have been lots of times when I wish both families weren't right here. Seems like the tension and tugging at each and every holiday each year, and several times between, is constant. My in-laws were gone for Christmas this year, and it was so much more relaxing--no choosing and then guilt either way.

    I don't envy you the sick toddler away from home. It is so tough when they're small, but it sounds like Jude did fantastically despite. Hopefully no one else caught the jolly germs he had to share, either.

    I bet you had a a great time when you got back, too--two Christmasses! And yeah for you for blogging...I am so behind, and I took a ton of photos! More choosing to do.



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