Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Napa Valley

Let's just start it off right. We loved this trip soooo much! After a little debate, we decided that it was better than our honeymoon (Puerto Rico & a hurricane), our babymoon (Cancun), and that's saying a lot.  It was just so cozy, lazy, romantic, and fun! All things a anniversary trip should be. We slept in late, we ate pastries for breakfast, we drank wine, we picnicked, we talked, we walked, then we drank some more wine.  What's not to love?
I gotta say that Dave was in pure heaven.  He'd be a straight up wino/foody if it weren't for me keeping him in check.  It's fun though, because he has such a wealth of knowledge.  I can ask him all my questions again and again (these sorta details just never stick with me...hence the smiley faces).

Our first stop:  Frog's Leap.  Dave loves their wine.  And I loved their garden!  Oh, if only!  That's okra growing down below (middle pic).  So pretty.  And then artichokes on the plant further below--a first for me.

If there's one thing my sis has taught me, it's to never pass up a concrete wall, or a wall covered in ivy.  Hence, our little photo shoot.

Here I am, leaping like the frog, or feeling like a complete idiot.  You decide. 

Real bloggers take pictures of their paper sacks.  I read that somewhere and that's why I did it.  That and the fact that this place was the biggest rip off of all time.  Contents below:  olives, salami slices, baguette, brie, water.  Price: 33 bucks.  Thank goodness for smart phones and Trader Joe's--which we found real quick after this pit stop.

We had picnics everyday, with views like this.  Dave said to me, "Why don't we eat this stuff more often?"  And I was like, "It's white bread, cheese, and salami."

We totally splurged and stayed at this little B&B called The Cottages.  And it was worth it!  I learned this trick from my mom when she took us kids up to Banff and we stayed in a castle (a castle!!) for a night.  It was magical, and so was this.

They left us breakfast on our porch each morning, and s'mores baskets each night.  The concierge planned out our days--including a winding drive up a secluded canyon to see some lesser known vineyards.  In the evening, we'd sit out by the firelight and play chess on Dave's phone (I told you he was romantic...)

Please note Dave's wine glass...or is it mine that he filled for me??  Details are sketchy.

The trip went by quickly, but it was the perfect amount of time.  When you've got a little guy at home, those heart strings get pulled pretty quickly.  Luckily, we knew he was being his happy self--having himself a vacation of sorts as well...


  1. Loved the update. Great pics and you have such a talent for story telling. Makes me feel like i was there with you 2. Boy oh boy I bet you are glad I wasn't. LOL

  2. you captured the trip SO well!!! that place looks like heaven. The light always looks so dreamy. glad you took advantage of those walls and that i've taught you those important things in life ;)

  3. oh my goodness that looks like so much fun! what a perfect getaway with just the two of you!
    love it

    p.s. the shoes don't make your feet too sweaty...not like eeew i would never wear these with out socks. just a tinch..but not make your feet smell sweaty. Make sense? or gross you out?
    plus they are super comfy. i like...wait LOVE them a lot. they came in grey too

  4. I love, LOVE the picture of you and dave by the fire, him kissing you on the cheek. So cute! Looks like you guys had a great vacation, well deserved...

  5. We love Napa and the food there. We have also stayed at the cottages and adored them!! So glad you had a good time.



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